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We work independently and with various clients, bringing collaborators together to help them design, re-design or deliver projects .


We practice what we preach by creating our own projects and getting them off the ground.


Check our current projects below.

VR Goggles

Safe Space Inverness

The project is a youth-led collaborative, participatory research to develop a safe space for young people (16+) in Inverness who are from any underrepresented groups such as (but not exclusive to): LGBTQI+, ethnic minority, carers, care experienced and/or neurodiverse. This project is funded by The Ideas Fund. The Ideas Fund is delivered by the British Science Association and funded by Wellcome.


The young people are central to the design and delivery of the project, and therefore the research is designed and conducted by young peer-researchers who are being supported by two academic researchers, as well as a small team of consultants and a project lead.

We are setting the project up as a constituted community group and we are working in accordance with the Safeguarding Policy, Data Protection Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy (links available below).

Helping young people to design and create a psychologically safe space where they can learn about and explore their feelings and emotions by using different, chosen forms of engagement i.e. film, art therapy and/or (social) entrepreneurship. Researching the impact of increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence on confidence, resilience and mental health and wellbeing.

We want to help the young people to find the language to express themselves outside the traditional therapeutic setting.

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